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Firewall İkon
Firewall provide port on,off and implement routing process.
Firewall blocks port attacks and it provides security of system.
Rules can creating on group basis.
Abroad countries ip is blocking as default. If create incorrect rule system spontaneously block it.( Cyber attacks originate largely from abroad these blocks have been closed by our systems.If require international connections,easily removable the blocks).
Ports can be open and close with mobile application or manually. (Generally in firewall,admin opened port and forget it,that causes deficit in the system. For this reason, in Xlog, admin can open port based on time ,when time expired system off the port spontaneously .Also,admin or access users can open port basis of time on mobile application.)
Firewall supplies information about port connection and instantaneous IP connection.
Firewall notifies any communication to port with SMS and mail.( If any requested to connect the ports.The system automatically notifies when e-mail address or phone number that define in the system.)
Firewall Vpn/Ssl Vpn İkon
Xlog provides site to site VPN.Companies can integrate distant network to own network with using Xlog.
Xlog works with IPsec VPN capable devices.
Xlog provides multinet subnet support.( Xlog can provides VPN, more than one devices ,which have different subnet but same internet protocol addresses.)
Xlog provides SSL VPN.Admins can easily import other networks to their networks.
Firewall Https Filtreleme İkon
HTTP-HTTPS Filtering
Xlog can block HTTPS/SSL pages without any certificate.
In HTTPS/SSL addresses can define willcard (*facebook.com) for blacklist.
HTTPS pages is not used SSL certificate by this way ,there is no SSL certificate error.
Blacklists are always uptated with dynamic database and user can add new websites.
Firewall Hat Birleştirme İkon
Load Balance
Xlog can combine up to 5 internet lines.
This method usually using for bad internet infrastructure.
This method works in both traffic routing logic and line joining logic. (Many firewall brands have load balancing in the form of either traffic routing or line merging. Xlog supports both configurations.)
Firewall Hız Sınırlama İkon
Xlog can adjust Download or Upload speed based on User/Mac addresses
Xlog can define quota based on User/MAC Addresses. If clients exceed quota their internet interrupt by system. (Through daily quota feature users less time surf on the internet.)
Daily usage and mac address based quota usage are recorded and the historical range and total usage can be listed.
The devices generating excessive traffic are displayed at the top of the system and can detect the high traffic clients faster.
Firewall Hotspot İkon
Xlog provides Hotspot pages for clients.
Xlog has 3 different authentication (ID Number – User Name Password – SMS)
Xlog is compatible with specific softwares such as hotel software.
Xlog has periodic pricing module for places that want to sell the internet for a fee.
Xlog can route to internet site after Hotspot login.
The login and logout times of the hotspot users can be listed.
Xlog can be list instant active users and their quota .
Admin can give permission based on user . Users can connect internet without hotspot page.
Xlog can generate specific password for users.
Xlog provides printer integration.Thorugh this integration,admin can give specific user name and password.
Firewall Hat Yedekeleme İkon
Wan Failover Cluster
Xlog controls other internet lines at any internet interruption, if anyone has internet,Xlog maintain internet connection through WAN Failover.
Firewall Ips/Ids İkon
Xlog detects cyber attacks on WAN and LAN through intrusion detection system(IDS). After that Xlog prevent or filter the attacks with intrusion prevention system(IPS).
Xlog offers easily management with already signed and rules.
Rules of Xlog is always updating, through this, Xlog can pursue cyber attacks instantly.
Rules of Xlog is always updating, through this, Xlog can pursue cyber attacks instantly.
Blocking or alert situations can be created by selecting the signatures created for IPS \ IDS over the firewall on a profile basis.
Firewall Web Filtreleme İkon
Application Filtering
Xlog ensure blocking or allowing applications with already prepared list.
Firewall Loglama İkon
Syslog Signature
Xlog satisfies law ,which is 5651,through syslog signature.
Thanks to this feature,admin can take detailed report about users logs records.
Firewall Radius Mac Filtreleme
Radius Mac Filtering
Admin will ensure that client devices are disabled or filtered with this newly developed technology without being included in the network at the end point, through an integration generated with manageable switches in both Layer2 and layer3 networks.
System instantaneously recognize any clients , who want to join network, with maximum security level.Also, admin can see the devices instant..
Firewall Özellikler
Additional Features
- In mpls network, Xlog ensure alone management without any additional dhcp or dns server. Also, Xlog centralize of management of network and it provide many features(dhcp,hotspot,firewall,http/s,dns filtering,application filtering,quota application,bandwith).
With the support of snmp and telnet connection, Xlog itself performs security checks by taking arp information over the edge and backbone switches with snmp and telnet support in layer3 networks, prevents those that need to be blocked, and provides logging in layer3 networks. According to the law,which is 5651,it bring the mac address to the log records.
Admin can manage clients requests with layer 2 feature, in internal network.
Xlog has advanced admin panel,which is support English and Turkish interface.
Log records are easily transfer other devices with FTP backup.
If you want you can download your log records on historical basis.
Login logs are recorded in the XLOG system.
Internet records can be search based on MAC Adresses/ Source IP - Target IP / User Name / Target Port / Domain / Date types.