Xlog 6. Yıl
802.1x MAC Kontrolü

802.1X MAC Developed

* Radius Mac Filter development phase finished.

* More than 300 business partners.We signed third agreement with abroad business partners.

* CE Belgesi - 2020

IPS/IDS ve Uygulama Filtreleme

Export and IPS/IDS

* We signed first export agreement.

* IPS/IDS and Application Filtering features test finished. It introduced into to market .

* ISO/IEC 20000:2019 Information Technologies Service Policy

* ISO/IEC 27000:2019 Information Security Administration Policy

Yurtdışı Anlaşması

First Export

* We did first export agreement.

* Our company reached more than 200 business partners.

HTK Üyesi, MPLS Ağlardaki Uyumluluk

HTK Member and MPLS Infrastructure Adaptation

* We joined Communication Technology Cluster.

* Centralized management from a single point in Mpls Networks.

Fiber Port Desteği

Advance Hardware Features

* XL400|XL500|XL1000 presented and began providing SFP port.

XLOG İş Ortaklığı

Business Partnership

* Our company reached more than 100 business partnerships.

XLOG Piyasaya Sürüldü

Introduced to Market

* XL-25 | XL-50 | XL-100 |XL-200 | XL-300| models are introduced to market.

Bandwidth, Loadbalance, Failover, MultiWan

Bandwith and MultiWAN Feature

* Bandwith

* WAN Load Balance and WAN Failover

Development phase finished and added.

Firewall, Hotspot, 5651 Loglama

Firewall Hotspot and 5651 Logging

* According to 5651,which is regulation law of intenet(ı dont know),logging.

* We presented Hotspot feature and base integration(SMS,User name,ID etc...)

* Fundamental features development of firewall finished.

Lokasyon İkon

Research and Development started

* We began research and development of XLOG network security and logging.

April 2014
Lokasyon İkon

Arjeta Information Technology Company is established.

*Arjeta was applied to SDU Technopole

8 April 2014